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I appreciate any help in finding out more information about Artur LOFFLER,
who survived the Holocaust, lived, died and buried in Trnava, Slovakia.
I hope to confirm that he was first cousin of my late father Yossi LOFFLER.
On his gravestone >from Trnava his father's name in Hebrew is Ze'ev.

My father had an uncle Wilhelm LOFFLER who was deported to his death to
Auschwitz >from Trnava.
Wilhelm's Hebrew name in his birth registration >from 1887 was "Binyamin
Ze'ev also known as Velvel".
We know that Wilhelm was married, but no idea who was his wife and if he had
We assume, but can't prove, that Artur was Wilhelm's son.
We do not know if Artur had a wife and children and what he had left behind
when he died.
We also know of Blanka LOFFLER >from Trnava who perished in the Holocaust but
we do not anything else about her,
if or how she is related to Wilhelm or to Artur.
Any idea?

Melbourne Australia

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