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As far as I'm aware the first Jewish Community was established around 1842.
Today as you as you probably there are 2 active congregations:

Oxford Jewish Congregations

Oxford Jewish Congregation (Progressive Group)

The Bodlean Library in oxford (http://www.bodley.ox.ac.uk/)does hold Jewish
Marriage Records >from 1850


John Berman
London, UK

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Subject: [jcr-uk] Jewish community around Oxford

I welcome this new SIG. Hello to everyone.

My great grandfather, according to family legend, left Prussia to go to
England and study at Oxford. I know that Jews were not allowed to
matriculate at Oxford in the 1850's, so it comes as no surprise that I can't
document his being there.

But I am curious. Was there a Jewish community in the vicinity of Oxford in
the 1850's? I'd appreciate learning more about this, if you have some
knowledge about this to share.

Ellen Barnett Cleary
Kenner Louisiana

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