JCR-UK SIG #UnitedKingdom 24 Julia Street #unitedkingdom

Annette Young <granynet@...>

First let me say we are looking forward to your upcoming data bases. Have
been doing research on Manchester relatives for several years with many
unanswered questions.
MY Grandparents Abraham Cohen & Yetta Blumenstein were married in 1899 at 24
Julia Street, Cheatham in Manchester as well as several Farber relatives at
later dates. Have also found death records of Annie [Hannah] Cohen in 1913
my ggm and Morris [Moses] Cohen in 1921 my ggf as last address 24 Julia
Street. At one time other relatives [Goldbergs] lived at same address. How
do I find out who owned this property >from 1899 to 1921?
Annette Young
Westmenster, CA

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