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Jack <howdydo@...>

Am trying to find information on an Aunt & Uncle.

Fanny SCHILLER nee KOCH and her uusband Alexander SCHILLER were moved from
Vienna to England on 8-8-1938 as part of a group of blind jews.

They worked at an Ice Cream plant.

In 1974, they lived in 4 Worcester House, Halifield House, Paddington.

Alex died in 1975, and Fanny was moved to a Nursing Home in Roekford (I
believe that is the spelling) staffed by German Nurses. She died in 1977 and
I was unable to get any information >from the home. My letters were not

Does anyone know the name of the Jewish home?

Is anyone able to locate the day and month of their deaths? and burial

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jack Koch (USA)

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