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Heree are my family details:

FISH, lived in Salford, originally >from somewhere in Galicia, I wish I knew
Somehow related to: Knoll and Solomon, who emigrated to the U.S. around the
turn of the century or a little later. Solomon family wound up in Lynn,

FLASH, same information

Millie (Malka) Flash b.1872 d.1950
married Harris (Hershel) Fish b.1863 d 1943.
I don't know what year they emigrated, but I suspect either they were
married in England, or their families emigrated together, because Malka's
family lived in Salford also.

They had many children: Joseph (my grandfather), Johnny, Wolfie, Jack,
Barnett, Rebecca and Mendel.

Interestingly, Ann Rabinowitz, of this list, and I figured out that one of
this Fish family, perhaps my grandfather (I've forgotten) dated her mother!

I have been told that Malka's Flash's father name was David, perhaps Moishe
David as her tombstone says that she was the daughter of Reb. Moishe.

David Flash married ? and had Solly, Hennie and Malka.

David's brother Jacob also lived in Salford, married Yetta. They had three
children: Ginnie, Philip Isaac, and Molly.

A branch of the FISH family emigrated to Philadelphia, and I believe that I
have located them, although I can only speculate how they are related at
this point.

I visited Salford 7 years and miraculously connected with Jack's daughter,
(my father's first cousin). At that time I took as much information as I
could, but have no way of going backwards as they were very sketchy on this
information and some of it sounded more like myth!

Glad this list is happening.
Victoria Reed
San Francisco

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