JCR-UK SIG #UnitedKingdom ALTMAN from Ronsperg (Pobezovice), Bohemia to London UK #unitedkingdom

Simon Torrington <storri@...>

I recently discovered that my direct male line is descended >from a Joseph=

ALTMAN >from Ronsperg (now called Pobezovice), Bohemia. There are plenty o=
London ALTMANs in my pedigree.

If you would like to share any information please let me know. Listed bel=
ow is
a list of known descendents, the number at the start of a line being the
generation number. I can provide a GEDCOM if you would like one.

Simon Torrington
Brighton, UK

Researching ALTMAN/ALTMANN Ronsperg (modern name is Pobezovice) in Bohemi=
Plymouth UK and London UK

Descendants of Joseph ALTMANN
1. Joseph ALTMANN
2. Nathan Joseph ALTMANN (b.1766;d.12 Oct 1849)
sp: Brimay JOSEPH (b.1781;d.23 Aug 1865)
3. Abraham Joseph ALTMAN (b.1802)
4. Esther ALTMAN (b.1831)
4. Fanny ALTMAN (b.1837)
4. Sir Albert Joseph ALTMAN (b.1839)
sp: Margaret Eliza VERNON (b.Sep 1848;m.26 May 1869)
5. Percy Albert Joseph ALTMAN (b.Jun 1870)
5. Stanley Richard ALTMAN (b.Dec 1871)
sp: HOULSTON (m.1923)
5. Ernest Henry ALTMAN (b.Dec 1872)
5. Violet Maud M ALTMAN (b.Dec 1873)
5. Gertrude Sarah ALTMAN (b.Mar 1876)
5. Mabel Eveline R ALTMAN (b.Sep 1877)
5. Montague Vincent ALTMAN (b.29 Jul 1878)
4. Josephine ALTMAN (b.1841)
sp: Rebecca COHEN
4. Edward ALTMAN (b.1853)
4. Sarah ALTMAN (b.1854)
4. Alice ALTMAN (b.1855)
4. Eva ALTMAN (b.1859)
3. Henry ALTMAN (b.1828)
2. Joachim ALTMANN

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