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Since this is my first posting to the jcr-uk listserv, I wish to extend my
greetings and appreciation to jewishgen and the jgsgb for the opportunity to
try and solve a puzzle which I recently encountered in my genealogical

Before changing his name to FRANKLIN, my father's name was Samuel
NISGORETSKY. While searching the records of the Adat Yisroel Burial Society,
as posted on the website of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great
Britain, I came across the name Sarah NISGORETSKY. The burial society
records indicate that Sarah NISGORETSKY is interred on the Cheshunt Cemetery
and that she passed away 14 July 1967. The location of the grave is given as
D:5:22. I am anxious to ascertain whether the burial society has any
additional information concerning Sarah NISGORETSKY as I believe she was a
relative. If there are any descendents, I am most anxious to contact them.
If there are no descendents, I would like to obtain as much information
about her as possible to add to the history of the NISGORETSKY family. It is
a large family in the United States. Without knowing if it is feasible, I
wonder if it is possible to obtain a photograph of the grave marker. I will
be responsible for any associated costs.

Please be advised that due to physical disabilities, I am limited in the
things I can do on my own. Your cooperation will therefore be appreciated.
My email add is shepsel@....

Sherwood Franklin
Brooklyn, New York

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