Jocelyn Keene

Dear List,
In general, it isn't a great idea to ask for a roll call on lists like
this, but to get started I agree that it probably is a good idea.
Here are some of my lines - all East End London.
PHILLIPS - Joseph4, Tobias3, (also Esther4 and Benjamin Wolf3), Moses2,
Nathan1 (or Nahum or Menachem), all Levites. Moses (b. abt 1878,
London, d. 1852) and Nathen, his father, were both sofers (scribes). In
1807-1809 Nathan lived at 2 Mitre Court, Aldgate (very close to the
Great Synagogue.) Moses lived at 7 Fireball Court, Houndsditch and 8
Gravel Lane, Aldgate. Moses married Hatty JACOBS (1811, Great
Synagogue). Tobias married Hannah HARRIS (1843, Great Synagogue) &
Benjamin Wolf married Dinah LEVY(1848, Great Synagogue).
BARNETT - Rosina3, Nathan2, B.1. Nathan (b. abt 1806) lived at 16
Clifton St., St. Leonards, Shoreditch in 1851. He married Ann LYONS.
Rosina (b. 1851, Shoreditch) married Joseph PHILLIPS (1873, New
SHUTER - Eleazer3, Isaac2, Michael1. Isaac (b. abt 1819, near or in
Prussia) lived at a variety of places in the East End but moved to
Camberwell, Surry by 1861. He married Hannah LESSER (1850, Great
Synagogue). Eleazer m. Esther PHILLIPS (1876, Great Synagogue).
RENOVITCH - Barnett2, Pyzer1. Barnett (b. about 1859, possibly in
Vilkaviskis, now Lithuania, d. 1920) moved to London before 1881 and
was on the 1891 census as Barnett GOLDSTEIN at 52 Gower's Walk,
Goodman's Fields, Whitechapel where he lived for many years. His
children attended the Jews' Free School. In about 1920 most of his
children changed their name >from RENOVITCH to GOULD.
KING - Eva3, Jacob2, Samuel1. Jacob (b. abt 1837, Poland or Russia)
lived for decades at 10 Coxs Square, Spitalfields. Eva (b. 1860,
Whitechapel) married Barnett RENOVITCH (1881, Princes St. Synagogue).
FRIEND - Morris2, Samuel1. Morris (b. about 1840, Hungary) moved to
London before 1867 and lived in places too numerous to mention in
Spitalfields, Bethnal Green & Shoreditch. His children also attended
the Jews' Free School.
LEVY - Rachel3, Benjamin2, Abraham?1. Benjamin (b. abt 1815) immigrated
to London >from Fraustadt (Posen) in abt 1836. He was a furrier and
eventually became reasonably wealthy. His wife was Rosa MANDOLA (b. abt
1821, Germany). Rachel (b. 1849, 8 Three Tun Alley, Whitechapel)
married Morris FRIEND (1867, Great Synagogue).
Whew! I could keep going but this is enough - probably too much for
most people. I also have HARRIS, LYONS, LESER, JACOBS, HART, more
LEVYs, and WOOLF further back in my tree - all living in or moving to
Get in touch if any are familiar,
Jocelyn Keene
Pasadena, California

Subject: getting going again
From: "SHEILA TOFFELL" <toffell@...>
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 18:00:13 -0400
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I have been following the thread re what will be happening with this
may I suggest we start by everyone listing their family names and
specifics on location...

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