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Jerry Zeisler <jerry.zeisler@...>

Here's my UK family info for the record.

ADELSON: London - 8 Gosset St., Brick Ln - originally >from Nemajuni &
Butromantz Russia/Lithuania - some family members migrated to
Springfield, Mass. USA

GORDON: London - originally >from Butromantz & Merkine Russia/Lithuania -
some family members migrated to Worcester, Mass USA

Jerry Zeisler
Leesburg, Virginia USA

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Subject: [jcr-uk] getting going again

I have been following the thread re what will be happening with this
SIG. may I suggest we start by everyone listing their family names and
specifics on locations (not just "the East End" !)? I'm sure that we
will find much common ground just >from that. Here is my stuff:

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