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I am looking for the family of Joseph (Seppel) BERNERT. He was born in
Nurnberg, Germany, around 1885. His family were hop merchants. He later had
an interest in a plastics (celluloid) and toys factory, and in 1934 he
emigrated to Sheffield.

Evenutally he became a senior director in the Halex corporation (ping-pong
balls, brushes) and moved to London. His home was close to the Golders Green
crematorium. He had, I believe, just one daughter who became an officer in
the ATS in WW2. I assume he died around 1950-60

Michael Bernet, New York <mBernet@...>
WOLFF (Pfungstadt, Frankfurt/M, Koenigsberg, Amsterdam, N.Carolina); BERNET,
BERNERT, JONDORF(Frensdorf, Bamberg, Nurnberg); FEUCHTWANGER
(Schwabach, Hagenbach & Fuerth); KONIGSHOFER (anywhere); BERG, WOLF(F),
(Demmelsdorf & Zeckendorf); Shim`on GUTENSTEIN (Bad Homburg ca 1760);
FRENSDORF/ER (anywhere); MAINZER (Lorsch); anyone in Ermreuth or Floss;

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