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Nachum Tuchman <nachum@...>

This is my first posting to this new group, so I'd like to mention the
families that I'm researching.

Alexander ROSINSKY was born, apparantly, about 1881 in Estonia. He
arrived in London about
1896, probably with at least his father, Eliezer, and a brother Yehuda
Leyb. I have no other information
on Eliezer and Yehuda Leyb. Alexander had 5 children, Lewis, Alf,
Joseph, Barney, Hettie, and
Dr. David, who was MIA in WW 2 in Burma. Alexander died in 1915 and is
buried in Plashet.

His wife, Sarah, nee BAYLETT was born, possibly, in Vilna. Her father
was Leyb. He was not alive
when Alexander and Sarah married in London in Jan 1902, as per the
marriage certificate. Sarah died=20
sometime in the 1950's. I do not know where she is buried, and the
research I've done so far has turned up

The SHUBEs, Solomon (Yeshayahu) and Elizabeth, nee BERNSTEIN, immigrated
to London from=20
Lithuania, around 1897. Their oldest daughter, Frieda, was born in 1896
in the old country. There were
4 other children, Bob, not sure where he was born, Anne, b-1898, Leah,
b-1901, and Dick. The last
3 were born in London. Solomon died before 1935, and Elizabeth died
after 1935. I don't have exact
dates nor do I know where they are buried. I have checked with the
United Synagogue, and have written
to a number of other Burial Societies. The US, which is computerized
has no record of them. The
other Burial Societies need a date of death in order to search.

The SHUBEs were the first Jewish family allowed to buy a farm in
England. They owned the Filmore Farm
in Essex, where Lewis ROSINSKY met and married Leah SHUBE . Their son,
my father in law, the late Cyril ROSE
(the name ROSINSKY was shortened to ROSE in 1941), was born while the
family still had the farm.

Most of the SHUBE descendants are known. There has not been contact
with the ROSINSKY relatives
for many years, and I know nothing of them.

If anyone has information on these families, please respond.


Nachum Tuchman
Tekoa, Israel =20


TUCHMAN/KLARMAN/ASPIS? >from Busko-Zdroj, Poland (Kielce Gubernia) to US
LIEBERMAN/ZYSSMAN >from Lowicz, Poland to US
RAIDER/all spellings/GINSBERG - >from Smorgon/Soly, Belarus (Vilna
Gubernia) to US - =20
SHUB/BERNSTEIN/ROSINSKY/BAYLETT >from Lituania?/Estonia? to London - =20
Samter/Wronki,Posen/Koenigsberg?/Berlin, Germany

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