JCR-UK SIG #UnitedKingdom Re: 1901 Online Census #unitedkingdom

Barry Young <b_i_young@...>

A big thank you to Laurence for this information and a question to all you
genners out there.

I have been on the site today and found the pages for 2 sets of my
great-grandparents and their children. A third has proved illusive, no
appropriate finds on the surnames, a check on a forename, age and location
of my grandmother produced no obvious matches.

I do know that one member was married >from Cressy Place, where my maternal
grandmother was born. Any ideas how I can identify >from this address? I
cannot find any reference to an address, only districts, etc.

Incidentally, the family name I am searching for is CHAIKIN.

Barry Young
Barnet, Herts, UK

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