JCR-UK SIG #UnitedKingdom 1901 Census - search issues & yeshivas #unitedkingdom

Barry Young <b_i_young@...>

I posted a query regarding searching the 1901 census database, received some
replies - thanks to those who helped.

I was looking for my Chaikin family, could not find them. I have now found
them by searching for siblings. They were recorded as Ikind! My paternal
grandmother signed her marriage certificate as Chaikind, so maybe it's not
so strange.

The search data shows my maternal grandmother as born in Russia, the census
page stated London. I was searching for London born. Incidentally, I have
not found her birth at the FRC.

A question..

My paternal grandfather Lewis YANOFSKY is not listed with his family, I
cannot find him anywhere in the census. I wonder if he could have been in a
yeshiva in London, he was around 20 at the time. Any ideas of yeshiva names
so I can do an Institutional search?

Barry Young
Barnet, Herts

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