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Randy Eckstein

Hi UK Genners:

My great-aunt Dvoire (later Dora) ROCHMAN, >from somewhere in the Lublin
Gubernia, born about 1882, came to England around 1898. There she met
& married Jacob COOPERMAN/Yankel KUPERMAN >from Goworowo, born around
1883. They had 1 son, Irving, and then immigrated to the US around

I checked the 1901 census, and could not locate either. Neither can I
find them in the Ellis Island database. I realize that this is a very
tiny window of time, but if anyone has any information/hints/whatever,
I would really appreciate hearing >from you.

Replies to randdeck@yahoo.com

Shana Tova,
Randi Eckstein
San Jose, California, USA

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