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Hello Folks,

Paul LEVY was born in Bad Segeberg, German, on 7 July 1851. He emigrated to
England in the late 1870s and married Fannie GRUENEBAUM on 22 Dec 1880 in
Paddington London.

Paul died on 26 Jan 1934 in Kingsdown near Deal in Kent and was buried in
Willesden Cemetery. In his will he makes bequests to the following family

His son, Matthias Paul Martin LEVY (b. 1881 in London, UK)
Alice, the widow of his late son Isidore Paul LEVY (b. 1883 in London, UK)
His son, Reuben Paul LEVY (b. 1888 in London, UK) and his wife Peggy
His son, Ralph Paul LEVY (b. 1889 in London, UK) and his children: Paul LEVY
and Suzanne LEVY
His son, Joseph Martin LEVY (b. 1893 in London, UK) and his son, Derrick

It is more than likely that the three grandchildren mentioned above are
alive today. Does anybody out there recognise the names?


Justin Levy
(Dublin, Ireland)

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