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I have just received information >from the Federation of Synagogues
offices (I a have to compliment Mr. Kahler for a prompt and informative
reply to my request !) regarding Hyman (Chaim) LITWIN and his wife, Jane
LITWIN, both buried in the Edmonton cemetery. Hymie was a half-brother
of my maternal grandfather, David MIRMOVITSCH.

According to this information, at the time of his death in October 1925,
Hymie Litwin was a member of the "Scarterro St. Synagogue". His last
address was listed as 71 Royal Mint St. London E1. I would therefore
assume that the synagogue was located somewhere in London's East End,
but I have so far failed to come up with any information on such a

I'd be grateful for any relevant information.

Joel Blankett
Jerusalem, Israel

Researching (in London) : BELINKIN, LITWIN


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