JCR-UK SIG #UnitedKingdom Re: jcr-uk digest: September 09, 2004 #unitedkingdom

jeremy frankel

Dear Steve,

We have communicated before and I saw your posting below and thought
I would have a look at the Ancestry database. I know you have
previously mentioned Annie. I don't know whether I am adding or
subtracting to your workload!

The GRO Index reports the following:

Annie PICKHOLZ - Death entry
Bethnal Green, 1900 June quarter, 1c 320, age 32
I presume this was the widow you reported on in April, when asking about Mary.

She "may" also be the mother of one or both of the two boys you are
asking about. (Incidentally, have you checked for the 13 year old if
he was in the 1891 census? If not, it might narrow down when he came
to the UK.)

Margit PICKHOLZ - Death entry
Brent, Greater London, April 2000, Registry # C32A, Entry # 220
born: 2 Aug 1906

Ancestry.com appears to have "private" access to more GRO indexe
information than FreeBMD publicly lists (up to 1983) plus also
entries up to 2002 >from another source,
though their source information seems to suggest the GRO.

All I can further suggest, as you live in NJ and perhaps have access
to a local Mormon library is to order, say random years (every
decade?) of the London street directories though these are nothing
like as complete as the NYC directories.

Best wishes,

Jeremy G Frankel
ex-London, England
Berkeley, CA

San Francisco Bay Area
Jewish Genealogical Society

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