Re: An OPPENHEIM(ER) Family of Heidelberg #germany


"Eva J. Ruben" <evajruben@...> wrote:
Ralph: Thanks so much for posting this. Finally found our common ancestors.
Could you explain what "Heidelberg Schutz" means? Also, the wife of Jechiel
(Daniel) OPPENHEIMER, is Ascher a second name or a surname?
Eva Lamm-Ruben, Nevada City, CA========>

"Heidelberg Schutz" means that the person the right of residence in Heidelberg,
get married, and raise a family -- and of course pay taxes.

Ascher is Pessle's patronymic, that is her father's given name in Hebrew.
I extracted it >from her gravestone inscription. Most probably, it corresponded
to the name Lemle used by descendants.

Ralph N BAER Washington, DC RalphNBaer@...

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