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As long as we are checking into OPPENHEIMER, here are some families
I have been looking for:

Zacharius S. was born in New York ca. 1868. His son, Sidney Zachary
b. 1903 changed his name >from OPPENHEIMER to OGDEN. He had a daughter
Mary Jane who married Richard Barnes BRANTLEY. [By the way, the
NYTimes obit for Sidney Z. said that Mary Jane's husband was
GRANTLEY.] Zacharius S. OPPENHEIMER also had a daughter Dorothy b. ca
1907. She married a BERMAN. If anyone has any further information on
these families, it would be much appreciated.

Another unrelated OPPENHEIMER family, as far as I know, and that I am
looking for is:

Koppel OPPENHEIMER II >from Rothenburg, Oberfranken, Bavaria, Germany
and his wife Rosette KATZ. They had at least one son, Levi b. 3 Jun
1855 in Rothenburg. Levi married Rachel LEVOR b. 31 May 1854 in
Barchfeld a/d Werra, Thuengen, Germany. Rachel and Levi had 7
children. The youngest died in 1918, probably in the Great Flu
Epidemic. The family immigrated to Baltimore, Maryland in 1887 [Levi]
and in 1890 [the rest of the family]

Their oldest daughter Selma married Joseph L. WENK and had a daughter
Louise. Louise married Theodore LOEW in 1942. They had two children
that I know of, but I don't know their names or if they had any

Levi and Rachel's son William never married and lived his entire life
in Baltimore after immigration.

Daughter Lena married Morris C. CAPLAN. I do not know of any offspring.

Daughter Bertha married Herbert COHEN. They had two daughters:
Florette Lois who was still single when her mother died, and Rita L.
who married a GOLDSTEIN. In 1958, the GOLDSTEINs' address was 7109
Campfield Rd. Baltimore, MD. I do not know if they had any
offspring. Son Ferdinand did not marry that I know of.

Son Maurice "Morris" OPPENHEIMER married Caroline KRIVILSKY and they
had two sons: Leonard, who married Sylvia STUL [I don't know about
their offspring] and Alan about whom I know nothing.

Can anyone help?

Martha Lev-Zion, Israel martha@...

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