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Hello fellow genners.
I have researched my family history for 6 years. English is my native
language, though I speak or read several European languages badly including German,
Danish, Dutch, and French. I consider myself an advanced computer and library
researcher. Family members emigrated to England in the 19th century.
Resources examined include the Jewish Victorian, The Times of London, the London
Gazettes, and indexes to census records.

The WEINTHAL family dates back to the 1750s in Emden, Ost Friesland, Kingdom
of Hannover, Germany. My g-g-grandfather Solomon Joshua WEINTHAL (1827-1916)
married in the Great Synagogue of London on 5 August 1857. His wife was
Catherine BIERMAN (1832-1904) >from Amsterdam. Her Dutch name was Ketrien BEERMAN.
Her Hebrew name was Gitla bat Moshe. They lived in Whitechapel where Solomon
was a tailor.

I have birth certificates for 3 daughters, but cannot find certificates for
the 2 boys born in 1860 and 1865. Does anyone know how I can find Mohel bris

In the 1860s, WEINTHAL family members >from Deventer and Rotterdam, NL moved
to Manchester and Chorlton (which I guess is a suburb of Manchester.) The
family was in the tobacco businesses.

I have an 1899 death certificates for Henrietta THEMANS (nee Weinthal). Her
second husband was tobacconist Joel THEMANS (1806-1928). Her nephew F.S.
BERLYN was in attendance at her death. Henrietta (born Jette) had a sister
Esther who married Simon BERLIJN >from Utrecht. The Themans lived at 309 Oxford
St., Manchester in 1871. They lived at Big Oxford Road, South Manchester U.D. in
1899. Henry THEMANS changed his surname to THORNSLEY in 1915. He was a
tobacconist and resided at 6 Poplar-avenue, Whalley Range, Manchester.

Adelaide STRANDERS (nee Weinthal) (1824-1884) was Henriette's sister. She was
an opera singer and in 1859 married the London jeweler David STRANDERS (his
second marriage). She died in Chorlton, Manchester.

I am also seek information about Asher WEINTHAL who declared bankruptcy in
August 1859. Warehouseman. Location: Cannon Street and elsewhere, London.

Adolph WEINTHAL was a composer and instructor. The British Library has 8
compositions written or arranged by him. The publication dates range >from 1874 to
1898. Several were published by W. Czerny and St. Cecilia. I've had no luck
finding any personal information.

Publisher Leo WEINTHAL, O.B.E., died at Sunbury-on-Thames in 1930. Married,
but no children.

Perhaps these names ring a bell, or our families travelled in similar
circles. Advice or information would be appreciated!

Boston, MA

WEINTHAL - D and NL> London and Manchester, UK >USA
BERLIJN/BERLYN - Utrecht, NL > Manchester, UK
THEMANS - NL> Manchester, UK
THORNSLEY after 1915 - Manchester, UK
KUIT - NL> Scotland > Manchester, UK
LISENHEIM - Scotland

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