JCR-UK SIG #UnitedKingdom Donation of Birth Certificates #unitedkingdom

Stephen Mednick <jewishgen@...>

Quite often the moderator of this group adds the suggestion about donating
unwanted certificates by clicking on the link

However, in the case of BIrth Certificates, the link seems to not allow adding
Birth Certificates with a year later than 1905. I have a number of unwanted
Birth Certificates >from the Sunderland Area dated after 1905 but before 1925.
Can somebody please advise as to what I can do with this.


Stephen Mednick
Sydney, Australia

MEDNICK (Kalius,UKR & London,ENG)
SACHS/SACKS (Kalius,UKR & London,ENG)

MODERATOR NOTE: We apply the 100 year rule for birth certificates and it is for
this reason that you will find no year later than 1905 in the drop down box

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