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Sylvia Kaye <sylk@...>

There is another possibility - that the deceased left instructions in his
Will to bury him in a certain place or manner that was not within the Jewish
law or tradition - in which case you would not find him by searching the
usual places.

My unmarried uncle made such a request, so we donated a lectern, in his
memory, and with a full inscription, to the chapel of the cemetery where his
parents and sister had been buried. I was careful to word the inscription
in such a way as to make the link with the rest of his family.

A genealogist of the future might need to use some ingenuity to find him,
but the trail is there!

In other words, check the ancestor's Will, and also where his "nearest &
dearest" were buried.

Good luck!

Sylvia Kaye (originally Kosakofski)
Israel (formerly >from London)
HYAMS: Kilburn, London
BITTAN, HARRIS: London, East End
BUCHHALTER: Siret, Austria

ROZMANN: Mihaileni, Roumania

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