JCR-UK SIG #UnitedKingdom Re: Jewish newspapers Yorkshire #unitedkingdom

BP Bergman <bergville@...>


Can anyone please inform me if there is any archived Jewish Newspapers for
HULL YORKSHIRE for 1900 -1960s>


The local history library in Hull has a good collection of memorabilia and I
am pretty sure that they have a good run of "The Watchman" which was (and
possibly still is) the newsletter of the Hull Jewish community. The
community was not big enough to support a formal Jewish newspaper. Try the
website http://www.hullcc.gov.uk/genealogy and then e-mail them with a
specific query.


Beverly Bergman
Camberley UK

PS I have access to some Hull records (as well as family connections there
going back into the 1870s), so if you e-mail me privately with the names you
are interested in, I will be happy to try a look-up for you.

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