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Sorry, Louise, I expressed myself badly. I had found Herman and several(maybe all) of his children on Jewishgen which is excellent, because they give the father's name and profession, which makes it easy. What I meant to say was on Ancestry BMD and the censuses I've found lots of other Rosenheims, all living in the same area, and involved in the same line of business, but have no way of making the link. It's these Rosenheims that I think may make the connection with Herman's wider family.

I'm fairly sure in my own mind that the Joseph Rosenheim living next door to Herman in 1871 must be related - they're in the same business for one thing. However in 1881 Joseph and his family are in Liverpool. My husband is sure there wasn't a branch of the family in Liverpool, but is he mistaken . . . ?

I'm hoping maybe someone knowing about the Liverpool Rosenheims will be able to confirm or deny the family connection, and I think this forum is the most likely place to get to know them.

Thanks for your message, and best regards

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Dear Lesley

I am surprised you write that you have found numerous Birth, Marriage and
Death records not available on the JewishGen databases.

I have had a quick look through the All-UK and Supplementary UK databases on
JCR-UK and have come across quite a number of Rosenheims including a Herman
who is buried in Balls Pond Road Cemetery and who died on 5th February 1904
aged 70. This seems to tally with your Herman born c 1834.

I hope that this is of help to you.

Louise Messik

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I'm hoping someone can help me with my husband's family. His mother was
Elsie Rosenheim, born in London 1906; her father was Willy Rosenheim, a wine
merchant born 1874 in London. I know (>from censuses) that Willy's father was
Herman Rosenheim, born in Bavaria c1834.

Unfortunately that's all I know about Willy's family. He and his family
lived in Hampstead London. I'm hoping to trace Herman's brothers and
sisters, which will be the next step in finding his parents.

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