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My husband has been given the name of a village outside Warsaw in Poland.
This cannot be the right spelling as the village was called Mogalids. That
is the only spelling his cousin Hymie knows. He is trying to trace Segal
family. His grandfather Simon Segal was born in this village. He is
believed to have come to the U.K. to live at the end of the 19th century. He
was married and his first wife died in Poland (age unknown).
Simon married again, apparently his wife's sister. (name unknown). Second
wife had three children, Louis, Sarah and Jack. Jack was the only child born
in this country. Louis married Leah and had three daughters, Betty, Frieda
and Stella. Sarah married Samuel Rosenberg. They had two sons, Harvey and
Anthony (my husband). Contact has been lost with all family members, except
his brother Harvey and cousin Hymie. We understand that most of the family
left in Poland did perish in the Holocast. But we have no way of tracing
this. Can someone please make sense of the village name. Or does anyone know
of any decendants of the above.
Thank you all so much.

U.K. (Essex)

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