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Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear UK Siggers,
I am still looking for my relative Rolf Simon
KOENIGSBUCH who was born in Hamburg in 1929 and was
on the Kindertransport.
I just learned that in the early 1950s he was at the
British Army and his last residence registered with
them was at the "Beldevere" on Norton Road in Great
I contacted the webmaster of the Great Wyrley
community page who remembers the place >from his
childhood in the 1960s. He remembers that there was an
elderly couple who were members of the Christadelphian
Church and who had a young tenant living with them in
the 1950s.
Considering the involvement of the Christadelphians
with the Kindertransport it makes sense.
I would appreciate any comment or suggestion how to
I had a long correspondence with the Ass.of Jewish
Refugees in London and got >from them whatever they
could disclose until 1948.
Jacob Rosen

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