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For others interested in Miriam Margolyes' note below about the Joseph's of
Newcastle, this family is the same family who previously lived in Sunderland
and whose sons emigrated to Australia. The wedding of Tobias and Amelia (not
Anne) Joseph occurred in 1837 (>from memory) and is the first recorded in the
marrriage register of the Sunderland Synagogue. Amelia was the daughter of
Philip Samuel, whose father Hart Samuel, was one of the earliest jewish
settlers in Sunderland.

I have seen a number of family trees where Tobias is shown as a brother of
Rabbi Jacob Joseph and Hyam Joseph, prominent figures in the Sunderland
community in the nineteenth century. However, Tobias (son of David) was >from
Margonin Poland whereas Jacob and Hyam (sons of Joseph) were born in
Amsterdam. There is a connection through marriage, however, as Jacob married
into the Samuel family, as did his nephews David and Lyonel (sons of Nissan

As a descendent of both the Joseph and Samuel families of Sunderland, I have
accummulated quite a lot of information on them over quite a number of
years. I am interested in hearing >from any others with an interest in these
families. Pls reply off-line to

Glenda Goldberg (of Sydney, Australia)

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