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Joseph Solomons, b. 1855 in Middlesex, England.
He married Sohia Isaacs, married Mar qtr 1873 in London City 1c 167, b.
in Middlesex, England.
I. Abigail Solomons, b. 1873.
II. Louis Solomons, b. 1874. He married Leah HARINGMAN,
married Jun 1902 in London City, b. 1876, (daughter of Soloman Abraham
Haringman and Rebacca Baruch).
III. Phillip Solomons, b. 1875.
IV. Amelia Solomans, b. 1885. She married Isaac Levy.
V. Nathan Solomons, b. 1886.
VI. Annie Solomons, b. 1887.
VII. Nancy Solomons, b. 1891.
VIII. Solomon SOLOMONS, b. 1878 in London.
IX. John SOLOMONS, b. 1880 in London.

Aubrey Jacobus

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