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Berman <bermanfm@...>

Subject: Fuld
from bermanfm@...
Date 11.1.06

Regarding the inquiry about Lily Fuld. My grandparents, Rachel and
Albert Isaacs took in a refugee called Lily Fuld who came on one of the
Kindertransports and she lived with them in Manchester during the war
months, according to what my late father used to tell me. He also
mentioned that her sister was taken in by another member of the family.
Is it possible this is the same Lily Fuld? We often wondered what
happened to them.

Kathryn Berman, Jerusalem

Researching: Robert (Reuven) Lipkin (Zagare, Lithuania),
Lichtenstein,(Kecerovce, Slovakia), Isaacs (Netherlands), Fraser and
Baker (Volkaviskis and Mariampole, Lithuania)

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