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jeremy frankel

Dear Skylark,

Nice try, but James said (and I saw the original text) the name was
written as WOLLANEE Road, not WOOLANEE.

As I have already posted to the JCR group, very often the letter "W"
refers to a "ver" sound, not a "wer" sound, so in this case it
doesn't help to go looking up in a gazetteer for other streets
beginning with W.

The other problem I have with the Woolmore Street suggestion is that
it isn't in Whitechapel, but further east in Poplar, E14, not E1.



At 12:00 AM -0600 1/12/06, <skylark2000@...> wrote:

Hello....I've been reading about Woolanee Rd here on JCR-UK and it rang
a bell -- at least somewhat. I recently received a copy of my family's
1881 census form and their address at that time was:

27 Wool more St. (Tower Hamlets) Mile End, London, UK

Its conceivable that with uncertainty and bad writing that Woolmore could
turn in to Woolanee. But, of course, its not for sure. I, too, have
come across some outrageous contortions of names and words in my 20 years
of research so anything can happen.

Palm Desert, California

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