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Dear Friends -

I wonder if anyone can point me to a website that shows pre-WW2 roads in
London, or point me to any related information. The reason is that I will be
briefly in London in April, and am curious to find if Ship Alley still
exists. I'm pretty sure that it has been redeveloped, but it did still exist
in the 1950's. It was a narrow alley somewhere in the East End, can't recall
where, and my Parents stayed there briefly with a Mrs Mazin on arrival from
Vienna in mid-1939.

As my hotel is near Liverpool Street, on the fringes of the East End. I
thought that I might try to find it.

Thank you for any pointers.

Robert Fraser
Dianella, Western Australia
NOWAK - Moravia, Austria/Vienna - >
EISINGER - Moravia - >
FINKELSTEIN - Galicia, Poland
NAGEL - Austria

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