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Louise Messik <louise@...>

This evening webmaster John Berman received an email in French which he
sent to me to translate. It is most certainly a genuine contact >from a
cousin whose father is Pierre Paul Sauer. A precis of the original French email
and others that follow tells of how Laurent Sauer fell across the website purely
by chance and is now able to piece together more of his missing family and
recognises some of the faces in the photographs on the site. His father is both
proud and excited that his son persevered with the research and came up trumps.

We have continued to correspond this evening and it is my hope that some of
the family may come to London >from Brussels to look at the originals, to
help us to piece together more of the Licy Waller story constructing perhaps
a family tree, before all the papers are put into a safe archive. I intend
to talk on the telephone to Pierre Sauer this weekend.

What a great ending to a story that has mystified many of us who have read
much of the correspondence contained at
Hopefully before long I shall be able to give you further updates.

Louise Messik

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