desire rolande

Hye !

My name's Claudine NOSBOM. I have borne on 28th
December 1946 at VAIRES (77) FRANCE, >from Jean NOSBOM,
borne on 18th October 1916 at PARIS (16) and died on
8th April 1981 at VAIRES (77) FRANCE.

He was a prisoner, list n.53, forced worker during
39/45 war.

My mother calls Lucette RENARD.

My father had a brother, Lucien, borned on 31st
October 1924 at PARIS (15) FRANCE and died on 6th
November 2001 in PARIS (12) FRANCE. My uncle was
married twice and had a son, Patrice NOSBOM >from his
first marriage, borne on 17th April 1951 at PARIS (18)
and died on 4th June 1996 (suicide). He has a
daugther, Zélia NOSBOM, borne on 10th June 1990 AUX

My father has also a sister, Jacqueline NOSBOM, borned
on 31st October 1931 at PARIS (16) FRANCE.

My great-parents, side of my father, called :

Georges NOSBOM, borne on 6th May 1889 at PARIS (15)
and died on 17th November 1978 at PARIS (18) FRANCE.
He was decorated >from the War 14/18.

Jeanne PAILLASSE, borne on 6th December 1889 at PARIS
(5) and died on 2nd Auguste 1967 at PARIS (9) FRANCE.

My great father had 2 twins-sisters, Lea and Jane, as
well as Rosa and Sarah. I don't know either their
birthday date, nor the dates when they died.

Rosa was married with Georges CALFAS and they had a
daughter, Lucienne CALFAS, married with René TALLET.

Sarah was married with Maurice KORMANN, and they had a
daughter Hélène, died in 1975 at PARIS FRANCE.

I don't know any dates.

My great-mother, Jeanne PAILLASSE, had, at least I
know, a brother, Victor.

Their Parents called : Pierre PAILLASSE and Marie
MONLIAUZUN. I have no information about them.

My great-great-parents called Barnett NOSBOM and
Miriam GOLDWATER. Barnett borned in Poland, then went
in ENGLAND, before coming in FRANCE. Miriam borne in
Poland in 1860. She was on 1871's census in LONDON
(MIDDLESEX), but no more in 1881. In FRANCE ?

Barnett NOSBOM borned in Poland in 1852 and died in
PARIS (18) FRANCE in 1894.

Miriam had 2 brothers and 1 sister : Solomon B, borne
in 1863 in LONDON (ENGLAND), Harris, borne in 1865 in
LONDON (ENGLAND), and Jane, borne in 1870 in LONDON

The Parents of Miriam GOLDWATER called :

Abraham GOLDWATER, borne in 1832 in POLAND and Rachel
SOLOMON, borne in POLAND too.

Rachel SOLOMON had 2 brothers : Louis, borne in 1849
in POLAND, and Alexander, borne in 1852 in POLAND.

It is all what I have as information, by civil acts
and 1871’s census in LONDON (ENGLAND).

I would like mainly to find connection between NOSBOM
and GOLDWATER, as well as to know more about my

Thank you very much for any help.

Yours faithfully.


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