FLESCH in Oettingen #germany

Adam Yamey <adamandlopa@...>

Maxmilian FLESCH (of Hanesfurth) and his brother (forename unknown)respectively
married the sisters Adelheid(born 1815) and Wilhelmina STEINER (>from Innsbruck,
born 1818). They both lived in Oettingen, Bavaria. A Wilhelmine FLESCH emigrated
from Oettingen in 1872. To which destination, I do not know.
It is quite likely that Wilhelmine FLESCH had at least two daughters: Racha and
Gabrielle who married a HALLE.

Maxmilian Flesch most probably had a daughter Mathilde who married someone with a
name like "Iliowisi". Her husband was a Rabbi (I do not know where - maybe in USA).

from the above, rather scanty information, can anyone please give me more
information about this FLESCH family?

Adam Yamey, London, UK <adamandlopa@...>

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