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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

In response to the comments regarding the WWII Internment of Jewish aliens
on the Isle of Man, I would add the Internment during WWI.

My grandfather and many others >from Manchester were taken to the Isle of Man
at the beginning of WWI. Numbers of other Mancunians ended up in other such
internment camps in various locales.

One of my grandfather's cousins was lucky and only had a six week stay
before he was released. He made friends with one of the guards and actually
remained pals with him his whole life.

On the other hand, my grandfather had to stay quite a bit longer as he had
served in the Emperor Franz Josef's Imperial Army despite the fact that he
had been forceably drafted into military service.

The removal of the breadwinner >from the family was quite a trauma for my
grandmother as she was left with seven children to raise on her own for an
extended period of time.

And no, the British government never apologised for the internments that I
know of.

Ann Rabinowitz

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