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In response to the comments regarding the WWII Internment of Jewish aliens
on the Isle of Man, I would add the Internment during WWI.
The main internment camp in WWI was at Knockaloe near the west coast. It
contained perhaps 24,000 internees, which was about half the population of the
island. It was so large that a special railway was built for the transport of
food and other goods to the camp. A number of German and Turkish internees
died there and were buried in the churchyard at St Patrick's Church, opposite
the camp. In 1962 most of the Germans were transferred to a German burial
ground in the Midlands. The Turks were left behind in the churchyard and so were
two Jewish graves. I wondered why they were not transferred to the Jewish
section of the main cemetery in Douglas, the capital, which opened in the 1940s
to accommodate the Jews who died while interned. But I did not get a
satisfactory answer.

Harold pollins

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