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Claire Weiss

In my husband's family papers there is the registration card of Sarah WEISS
nee RUBINSTEIN his grandmother, which she was obliged to carry and have
stamped >from her arrival in UK in 1914 onwards. This included the period
during the First World War. The card shows that she reported to the police
when she moved house or went into hospital. In the Second World War she
reported to the police in Maidenhead when she accompanied her London-born
daughter-in-law and grandchildren as an evacuee.This requirement was
eventually revoked in the early 1960s by act of parliament. She had to
declare, during WW1, whether she had any male relatives serving in armed
forces in another country, and to indicate whether they were 'for' or
'against' the British crown. She made a declaration about her brothers
Mendel, Gabriel and Tevye RUBINSTEIN who were in Botosani, Romania. We don't
have the equivalent card for her husband, Morris WEISS, but family knowledge
is that he was subject to the same requirements, neither of them having

Claire Weiss
London, UK

Researching: WEISS (Romania), RUBINSTEIN (Romania), LIEBEVICH (Romania),

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