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<< a woman claimed that the lineage derived >from Seth in the Hebrew
Bible. I
don't know where she got that idea, but it made me wonder if the le Bon's I
found, who were wool traders, in Scotland and for a short time in Northern
were either Jewish at that time or attendants of merchants. I realize this
a stretch, most likely >>

==Yes, indeed, a l o n g, l o n g stretch.

==True, if you go by the Bible, Seth was apparently the sole surviving
descendant of Adam and Eve, so we're all descended >from Seth

==Seth was the father of Enosh who, according to legend, unlike Seth, was no
longer formed in the image of God but in the image of apes. His was a
generation of idolators and sinners who brought about much of the destruction of
mankind and of the earth.

==Some Jewish legends say that Seth will return to earth as one of the seven
shepherds counseling the Messiah. But none of the legends say that Seth was

==Seth was born something like 5700 years ago. The earliest that Jews can
kinda trace their ancestry back is that Kohanim and Levites by tradition and
reputation (and to some extent by DNA) to Levi, son of Jacob, about 1700 BCE
(of course >from there anyone can trace his ancestry back through the Bible to
Seth and Adam).

==Certain rabbis of the Middle ages (1000 CE to 1400 CE are reputed to be
descendants of various famed rabbis of some centuries earlier who were reputed
to be descendants of King David (ca 1000BCE, whose ancestry can be traced
back in the Bible to Adam). The only reason why these long lines through these
select rabbis are available to us for
p o s s i b l y establishing an ancestry, is that every one of them was a
prodigious scholar who wrote many, many scholarly books (that still survive
and are widely studied) and they and their works were cited (with their alleged
illustrious ancestry) by other learned scholars. I don't think your
Scottish/Irish wool traders or shepherds had the records to back up their ancestry
in this manner.

==Among Jews, the name Bonn generally suggests an ancestor >from Germany's
city Bonn, near Cologne. Bonne' and Bonem are assumed to be >from a French
translation of the Hebrew name Shem Tov which means Good Name, or more likely Good
Reputation. Bonem is sometimes a derivative of Benjamin.

==Sorry to have disappointed you.

Michael Bernet, New York

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