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I was intending to send to JCR-UK the contents of a marriage certificate I
had received to add to its collection of birth, marriage and death
certificates. But I hesitated because of the oddity of this one. It relates
to Henry
JACKSON whose family is in the 1851 Census for North Shields. I wanted to find
out who his father was and also the maiden name of his wife, Hannah. I sent
for the marriage certificate. It gives his name as Henry JAKSON (sic), paint=
er glazier, but his father is given as Jonas JACOBS. I thought initially that
perhaps JACOBS had become JACKSON. But the strangest feature of the
certificate was that the bride's name was Harry (sic) JACOBS, and her father
was Jacob MAIR. I looked at the Index of marriages and found that it was
listed under Harry JACOBS as well as Henry JACKSON. I think the oddity
arose because the minister who conducted the service was Joseph CARO of
Newcastle who had only recently immigrated and presumably his English was poor.
There is a further problem. I found Jonas JACOBS in the 1841 Census of North
Shields and his daughter was Hannah. All the family were born abroad. Yet
Hannah JACKSON, who appears in subsequent Censuses was reported consistently
as being born in Sunderland.

All rather strange.

Harold Pollins

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