JCR-UK SIG #UnitedKingdom Re:[British Jewry] Looking 46 New Rd Whitechapel #unitedkingdom

Estelle Wolfers <Estelle@...>

Dear Hazel,

The inhabitants of 46 New Road in 1891 were a Tvitez family
(according to the transcriber - I can't do any better as the
enumerator's handwriting is awful), plus various cousins, visitors
and boarders. I suspect it was a small boarding-house, which is why
your Aronsons appear not to be there. If you want to find the page,
look up Henry Chapman born in Ranby, Wiltshire. He was the
inhabitant of number 50 and did not move between 1881 (which you can
search on the address) and 1891.

Good luck, Estelle

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