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Shirley Collier <shirley.collier@...>

I share both those fears of keys on the table and a bird bringing death in
the house. One I have control over so have never put it to the test but a
bird came into our house when I was a child and this was followed shortly
afterwards by a death. I have no idea where these superstitions
originated but my family came >from Poland.

East of London UK
Member of JGSGB Council
Regional Group Co-ordinator

BIERMAN/BERMAN- Piesk,Lublin/New York/London
SHEVA EICHEL - London/New York
HARRIS (or derivations)- Sieradz/Hull/London
HOROWITZ - Siedlce
ROZAINSKY/WAPNIARZ - Lomza/Czestochowa/Pultusk/New York/Swansea/London
TILLES/TRINKENREICH - Tarnow/Krakow/Newcastle/London

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