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Nigel Wilson <wilsonettes@...>

My children think I'm crazy when I recount all the 'superstitions' >from my
childhood - I can relate to about 99% of those mentioned.

As for a 'bird' flying into a house, last year a most beautiful bird, the
likes of which I have never seen before, suddenly flew into my balcony, it
stayed there quite happily for over 2hrs, then suddenly flew away, the
following day I received a telephone call >from London saying that a dear
cousin had passed away, was the bird a messenger?

Has anyone ever heard that if a picture falls off the wall a death is about
to occur - this too has happened within our family.

The best one has to be - my father was never let out of the house either to
go to school or even play, until he had a clove of garlic attached to his
vest - to ward off the evil eye - I suspect it warded off more than that!

Thanks everyone for reminding us of all these tales.

Patricia Wilson (Israel)

btw - my family came >from Romania and Poland.

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