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I am trying to locate members and descendants of the JULIUSBERG family of Breslau who came as refugees to England in 1938 and 1939. The members of the family were Alfred Juliusberg b 13.8.1882, his wife Kathe Sara b 16.1.1894, their daughter Marianne b. 9.9.1924 and their son Franz, b 14.11.1920.

I have acquired this, and other information about them >from the National Archives and >from the Association of Jewish Refugees.

The reason that I would like to locate anyone who is a member of this family or knows about them is that I have been searching for a year now for information about my wife’s JULIUSBERG ancestors. Her great grandfather was Franz Juliusberg b in Breslau in 1865 and died in Hamburg in 1936. We have been unable to trace any more information about the JULIUSBERG family in Breslau even though it is a very uncommon name and nearly all the references to Juliusbergs in Jewish databases seem to be connected to Breslau.

For this reason, I would like to find anyone who knows about the JULIUSBERGS of Breslau since it is likely that they are all related. I know that the family who came as refugees to England lives in Breslau at 165 Strasse der SA.

I have also found in one of your own database a record of a marriage in 1961 between Frank Juliusberg (aged 40) and Sylvia Stroh. This Frank could be the same as the Franz Juliusberg b 1920.

Connected with this search for JULIUSBERG information is my search for information about the LANDSBERG family. Gerda Landsberg was a cousin of my wife’s grandmother, Clara Margarethe Arndt, nee Juliusberg, and I am trying to trace members of the Landsberg family. Gerda was born in Neustadt, Germany on 20 Feb 1897. (I don’t know which Neustadt). The National Archives record that in 1939 she was class as a refugee exempt >from internment. She is described as a housewife living in Bodley Road, New Malden. The latest address I have in a family address book for Walter and Gerda Landsberg is Blakes Avenue, Motspur Park, New Malden, Surrey. I do not think that they had any children. Since I cannot find their names on the computerized UK BMD I assume they died before 1983.

I have been a member of the German and Polish discussion groups for some time. These have been helpful, but the discovery of this English lead is a new door. Any advice would be grateful.

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Roger Lilley

Cambridge, England

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