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In the Jewish Chronicle, 3 October 1958 page 6, there is this item:

"Tramp to Synagogue
The tiny Brynmawr Hebrew Congregation, Brecon, Wales, had an unusual visitor
to one of its Holyday Services - a Jewish tramp. He informed the Secretary,
Mr. A. Brest, that he was an out-of-work building labourer on his way >from
Cardiff to Manchester. After the service congregants provided him with a good
meal and later gave him some cash to help him on his way".

1. The story is true and the man was a Jew and was a building labourer on
the tramp between jobs.
2. He was a Jew but was really a schnorrer.
3. He was a non-Jew who had somehow learned enough about Jewish practices
for him to be able to hoodwink the members of the congregation.

Harold Pollins

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