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If you were looking for traces of this Sephardic family in the early England
censuses they would have been extremely difficult to find. I was not looking
for them, but out of interest, searching for the frequency of the first name
"Jechiel" - that of one of my my gtgtgt grandfathers Jechiel BIACH of Moravia
and Pressburg [born probably 1775].

On Ancestry.com there is only one *Jechiel* in England in the whole of the
census period 1851-1901 and he was associated with a large family >from Holland.
Ditto on Findmypast. The family name was terribly garbled on both on-line
census sites and obviously wrong. I have sent in corrections and hopefully that
will soon be remedied. The old-fashioned long *s* and poor writing fooled the
transcribers to give us two nonsense family names: MERFIARS and MERFIASS

Also I will let you into a secret I have known for a long time - Holland has
been wrongly designated as a "parish or place" not a country, county or island,
presumably this is because there is a Holland in Lincolnshire, England.

I hope this hint will help some of you you find ancestors that have eluded you
in the past. In later censuses, Netherlands is used and Amsterdam and other
places appear too - but it is worthwhile testing each geographic place name in
the various location fields to see that they have been correctly designated.
It is not only names that are garbled in censuses, but the transcribers were
often very weak on geography too, linked to ethnicity and immigration!

The close neighbours of this MESSIAS family of tailors and cigar makers are
also most fascinating - they are also all >from Holland. The MIRANDA family is
headed by Solomon, a diamond cutter, the HARTOG family and finally the BRANDON
family who must have spent some time in New Orleans before settling in London.
I believe Samuel is in the 1860 US census, but as I have no access, I cannot
confirm this. Also skip to previous page and you will see the entry for the
Jewish "Hand-in-Hand" asylum run by two Dutch Jews - Godfrey and Eve MYERS in
51 Wellclose Square, St Georges in the East. There are only 14 inmates. One of
the inmates, Mark RAPCH? was born in Sheerness in 1808.

You can read extracts about these almshouses here: http://tinyurl.com/3dpx77
[August 1849 Jewish Chronicle].

Celia Male [U.K.]

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