JCR-UK SIG #UnitedKingdom RE: Jewish communities in Britain, 18th century #unitedkingdom

Irina Fridman

Dear Genners,

Thank you very much for the replies. Your answers do help a lot, however I'm still puzzled:
1. Daniel Maccabeth a Low Country> [cf. Holland/Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg] is a quote >from the cathedral book c.1681, so in any case the person in question had to identify himself bfore he received some money. OK, I probably can assume that he wasnt Jewish.

2. I still do not understand, who was responsible for transportation of the Torah scrolls >from country to country? Any member of the community? Somebody in particular? Will the Torah move >from its original place only in case when the community was dispersed? Were there any other reasons for the scrolls to travel great distances? The scroll in question, as I mentioned previously originated in North Africa, according to the hand-writting of the scribe.

Kind regards,
Irene Berson

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