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<< I recently discovered that my great-great grandfather Abram Speigel
(original surname unknown, possibly Moscovic?) had at least two . . .>>

Hi! Welcome to Jewishgen and the bonds of an addictive activity.

I assume you're new here. We're all looking for relatives hear, so
your subject line does not do you much help. Subject lines are
designed to guide other members of the group in getting to read
your posting (some of us get 100 messages a day and have to be
quite selective in what we read and what we discard.

If you'd have written: "Speigel brothers, London & USA, married
wives named Goldstein and Freedman." you might get a much better
response >from those who know. Your subject line is your show
window in which to display the wares you want to trade. Make it
attract the right members of our public.

The spelling of the Speigel surname is unusual. The common
spelling is Spiegel, originally pronounced Shpeegel. Spiegel is
the German word for mirror. The Spiegels were generally mirror
makers in the old country, a generally lucrative trade, well respected.

I suggest that in your search you also pay attention to the Spiegel
spelling. Some of your relatives may have been listed under that
name at times. Also, check out mirror makers/merchants in the old
country and in London.

Michael Bernet, New York

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