JCR-UK SIG #UnitedKingdom Westmont cemetery in St Hellier Jersey #unitedkingdom

Bea <blspabas@...>

Hello JCR-UK,

I am hoping to find out particular plot & gravestone inscription details for
2 people, and am hoping someone can please let me know the contact details
for Westmont Cemetery (Jewish section) in St Hellier, Channel Islands, or
contact details for whoever has these burial records going back over the
last 30 years?

I was given a mobile number but every time I dial it I then get cut off or a
pre-recorded message says to try shortly, without any chance of leaving a
message. The contact details seem to be missing >from the JCR Channel
Islands web pages.

Many thanks

B.Shiel (London) blspabas@...

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