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Family Name(s): Kroglansky
Region and/or Town Name(s): Meritz, Vilna Gobernia, Lithuania

I have been tracing my paternal grandmother's family history with frustratingly
little success.

(1) I can't find the above surname or anything particularly close when
I search Lithuanian or British records/data bases.

(2) When the family came to England, the surname changed to Taylor, their
occupation, I suppose. Was there a formal process for name changes circa
1885-95 when I believe they emigrated?

(3) I haven't been able to locate their immigration records into London.
Did the British government keep entry logs similar to what Ellis Island
maintained on immigrants? If so, what was it called any how can it be accessed?

(4) At some point, they became British citizens.
How would I find these records?

Thank you for any suggestions!

Susan Welsh
Santa Barbara, California

Tracing the KROGLANSKY (Lithuania), TAYLOR (England and USA), GRANITE (Ukraine, England, USA), ABERBUCH (Warsaw,Lublin), HABERMAN (Warsaw,LUBLIN), and ZYLBERBERG(Warsaw,Lublin)families.

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