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Dr Henri-Claude Mars, we are honoured that he is a member of GenAmi,
has written a marvellous book about the genealogy of the Rothschild family.
Nothing to do with other books and genealogies already published.
His book called "Le sang des ROTHSCHILD" contains much more details,
links with hundreds of other families, information even about the witnesses
of the vital records, many references. A huge work.
The appearance is very attractive and practical.
There is an important index of names.

Editor : "L'Intermediaire des chercheurs et curieux" -
28, rue Geoffroy-St-Hilaire - 75005 Paris
ISBN : 2-908003-22-8

Micheline GUTMANN, Paris, France asso.genami@free.fr
Site GenAmi : http://asso.genami.free.fr

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